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Bhakti Taranga (waves of devotion)
Bhakti Taranga
(Cover of a book wherein some Bhajans sung by Baba are collected)

Kie dauchhi kie neuchhi Buddhia jānai nāhin, aau Bhakata diee Bhakata pāin Bhakata pāibe jāni
Sabu janai se JagāKālia pathāe Bhakata paain ...
Aau, HrudaDandāreee ...
HrudaDandaare māguchhi muuhin, toha pāin debā paain
Kie deuchhi kie neuchhi Buddhia janai naahin ...

Who gives and who takes Buddhia doesn't know, and devotee gives so that devotees can get
"He" Jaga-Kaalia only knows everything and sends for the devotees ...
And in the woods-of-my-heart ...
In the woods-of-my-heart I ask him to give you
Who gives and who takes Buddhia doesn't know, and devotee gives so that devotees can get ...

(video and full song from where lines are extracted)

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