We appreciate your visit to Shri Gobardhana Pitha Garoi Ashram
The site offers glance of a remarkable Ashram, life of revered saint Baba Shri Buddhanāth Das, PanchaSakhā- the five saints, Gāroi temple of Lord Jagannâth, and the miraculous copper oracle Tāmrapothi that reads questions from the mind and the answers towards counselling and advice are temporarily inscribed.

Shri Gobardhana Pitha Garoi Ashram is situated in the village of Garoi, Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa - an eastern state of India. The place, which is relatively unknown, has a high spiritual importance as it is witness to Sadhana of some of the revered masters.

A rare temple of Lord Jagannath (Lord Vishnu) constructed under the active instruction of beloved Baba, who is directed by his Guru Mahapurusha Shri Achyutânanda Das

At times, reality could be even more surprising than a fiction. Not only is it possible to read the human mind, but also it is feasible to know events outside our space-and-time horizon. The future is not so unforeseeable, as it is widely believed to be. The Shunya tâmrapothi (copper oracle) draws a thin line between the divinity and the humanity - a grand unified instrument.

Among the realized born in Kalinga (Orissa), Panchasakhā (five friends), who lived between 1450 to 1550 AD, are the most prominent. These contemporaneous five saints Achyutānanda Das, Ananta Das, Jasovanta Das, Jagannātha Das, and Balarāma Das fortified both the spiritualism and the literature. The disciples of the spiritual master Shri Chaitanya are called as Pancha Guru (five Gurus) and together with Shri Arakhsita Das they are known as Sada-Goswāmi (six Lords). Shri Arakhsita Das, a realized Shunya Sādhak, is the patron saint in the Olāsuni hills.

Divine manifestation in human form not only show us a path, protect as a savior, but also live a directed life for a divine-mission. We are fortunate to have among us such a living saint and Shunya Sadhak.