Jobra Ghat Yajna near Tattva Bata (as written in Mālikā ~550 years before)

Debriefing of selected events related Garoi Ashram and Shri Achyuta Yuga Karma:

Jobra Ghat Jala Yagna (fire sacrifice with water oblations), 22-May-2010 to 27-May-2010

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Kali Jai Heba Satya, Kehi Na Paibe Anta
(the KaliYuga will be warded off secretly and SatyaYuga will be re-established) - source: Malika, the Pledge

Dear Friends:
The Malika described Jobra Ghat Yagna of Shri Achyuta has been completed on the 28th May 2010, performed as per the instructions of Shri Achyuta and Baba Buddhanath Das, via the TaamraPothi. Performing of the Yajna went well, despite little hiccups mostly in the beginning days. However, compared to the last two (1995 in Orissa, and 2007 in Calcutta), he kept it low for the most part in the beginning days.

As per the schedule provided in the "Pre-announcement", the beginning was marked by enlievening of the idol of Baba Shri Buddhanath Das. The idol was built completely by his (Baba's) own instructions, via the TaamraPothi. He even instructed to collect the fund that he had pre-arranged, before leaving his mortal body, for this purpose and instructed that the idol will not be established from any donations for the Yajna. A number of instructed divine objects were collected from far and near (including rare Salagram stones, and a highly potent Yantra) and were established inside the idol. This makes the idol suitable so that it will be able to hold the Holy Spirit of Baba in it, when he wishes to be present there.

The Yajna started on the fixed date, however, we had to witness some unexpected delays and it took a while till it picked up the momentum. Also, the Jalahuti or water sacrifice (burning holy fire with water) was totally excluded on the first day, in contrast to the original plan. It also seemed as if there were some initial differences between some of the priests too, especially who were new and never witnessed Baba and Achyuta's sport before (humans have their own limitations, always). However, everything settled in a day, and the initial plan was subsequently carried out. The major holy fire of the Yajna (there was one major and big YajnaKund at the center, sorrounded by another smaller five). From second day onwards, the sacrifice in the major YajnaKund (place of fire) (obligations to Yajna fire) was done with the Water from the nearby Mahanadi river. The other smaller five fire sacrfices were performed in the traditional way, using Ghee (indian clarified butter from cow milk).

01/59: Entrance to the inner Yagna Sanctuary

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A little twist: Towards the end of Yajna, when Achyuta was asked to tell about the performing, he said, "The Yajna has not reached its full potent. He then instructed to extend it by another day (less publicly), even after the initial Poornahuti, which indeed was not a complete Poornahuti. On that additional extended day, with relatively limited number of people, the whole of Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta was read as an offering to Govinda (Krishna), like the previous days. But, the eleventh chapter was done extra as Poornahuti, with Pundit Mishra being instructed to stand on one Foot during this chapter and make the water offering to the holy fire. As a matter of fact, that particular position of standing on one foot, is the secret of Ekakhsyara Yantra (the body of a yogi resembles with the Ekakhsyara yantra that Achyuta has described in some of his spiritual writings). Baba also said in the Pothi that his spirit will remain in Pundit Mishra's body as he will offer the holy fire with the Eleventh Chapter of the Bhagawat Geeta.

After all these hiccups and twists, finally Shri Achyuta told via Pothi that he is now happy as the Yajna has been performed as it was intended. So finally, it was what he intended. He is never entirely predictable despite providing instructions via the Pothi. One would think, by asking proper questions one may know all what he wants, but he is always many steps ahead and discloses certains things only when its the time!

And the future plans... He also instructed that the remaining donations be kept somewhere as the time of his plans for other remaining crucial Yajnas is coming in near future (in coming years). The place of the next Yajna is not disclosed yet, but, it will likely be one of the Malika described places, i.e., Goddess Biraja Khsetra (Jajpur), Neelanchal Khsetra (Jaganath Puri), or Ekamra Khsetra (Khandagiri hills in Bhubaneswar). We will keep you informed via this page.