Om BiswaGuru KalkiRāma Sudarshana Hare Hare
ā Padma Shankha Shyāma Rāma Krushna Hare Hare
                                                                [Kalki Mah


Shri Jagannath temple at Garoi

Mahapurusa Achyutananda Das, VisnuSwarupa ShunyaDehi Shri Guru, one among the PanchaSakhaa who gave up his physical body ~550 years before but lives in Shunya for the YugaKarma


Shunya Sadhak Parampoojya Baba Shri Buddhanath Das

The mystical copper oracle (Taamrapothi) that reads the question from the mind of a seeker and answers are written temporarily on blank metallic plates



Om Shri Achyuta Golakanātham Sākhshāt Visnu Svarupāyam
Kali Yuge Viharam cha Kali Kalushma Nāshanam.

(Obligations to Shri Achyuta, the Lord of the Golaka
, a form of Shri Visnu
Who wanders now in Shunya in this Kaliyuga, to destroy the evils of Kali)


The website host, the Saints, and the mystics mentioned in the site are not responsible for the contents contributed by many individuals. There is no online service for seeking advice in the Pothi (Copper Oracle), click here for instructions and we encourage you to seek in person.


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